QR Code How-To
for Apple iPhone

What are QR Codes?

Think of QR codes in similar terms as a Universal Product Code (UPC), except UPC's can only represent numbers. QR codes can be used to represent text, web addresses and other data. A quick app download from iPhone's App Store will enable QR functionality on your iPhone. Aim your camera phone at a QR code, and your smartphone does the rest!

Scanning QR Codes on the iPhone

Before you can get started scanning QR codes on your iPhone, you must download a QR scanning app from the App Store. We recommend i-nigma by 3GVision for free and easy-to-use QR code scanning. Please read through the following instructions before downloading the app, or bookmark this page so you can find us again easily.

  1. Download i-nigma from the App Store.
  2. Tap on the i-nigma icon to load the app.
  3. Tap "Scan Code" to activate your camera.
  4. Hold your phone about a foot away from the QR (depending on the QR's size and clarity).
  5. Slowly move your camera closer or further away, pausing as needed, until the software alerts you by sounding a tone or vibrating.
  6. Tap "Go Online" when prompted to proceed.

Download i-nigma now! Remember to bookmark us in case you need help.

Can I Scan QR Codes on Other Devices?

Yes! Most smartphones, such as Android and BlackBerry devices, are able to take advantage of QR technology. Check out our QR How-To pages for Android and BlackBerry phones, or come back to http://m.webtivitydesigns.com/help/QR/ from your other device to be automatically redirected to the appropriate page.